Church History
Calvary was organized as a church in 1947 on land donated by the Marlow family. A.A. Brady led the start-up and affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) and
Northeast Baptist Association (NEBA). Kenneth Lyon was called as first pastor in August 1947.
During the 1950’s the sanctuary was built then education space was added during the 1960’s.
A baptistery added, heat and air installed, the building was bricked during the 1970’s.
By the 1990’s a church van was purchased, and a children’s wing and fellowship hall were added.
During the 2000’s an addiction ministry was started, a GLBA cabin was built, The church saw a large youth ministry expansion, Awards given by BCGO and NEBA for leading in salvations, baptisms, and associational giving.
The Church experienced difficulties during the next few years but the Lord restored the church and for the last few years the church has experienced outstanding growth in commitment, fellowship, salvations, and attendance.
During the last two years the church has added educational space, the Marlow family has donated an additional four acres to the campus, a second service has been added and a new church building planning team is hard at work.